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BC Soccer Web has been one of Canada’s most popular websites for soccer news since 1996. We seek to offer an eclectic mix of current local, national and international soccer news, views and information from a British Columbia perspective as well as links to a wide variety of soccer resources with a British Columbia focus.

We strive to cover all aspects of soccer, from the senior amateur competitive game to the highest levels of professional soccer, both local and international. Relevant news, reports, opinion pieces, letters to the editor, event announcements and other submissions to the BC Soccer Web are always welcome and will be published in whole or in part at the editor’s discretion.

Is BC Soccer Web a part of the British Columbia Soccer Association?

No. BC Soccer Web has no connection or affiliation with the British Columbia Soccer Association (BC Soccer). The British Columbia Soccer Association (BC Soccer) official web site can be found at www.bcsoccer.net.  The British Columbia Soccer Association only began calling itself BC Soccer (rather than the BCSA) in 2009, thirteen years after we started.

Who owns BC Soccer Web?

BC Soccer Web is owned by W.S.W. Digital Media, Ltd. Bill Currie is the Editor-in-Chief, and can be contacted here.


BC Soccer Web Contributors

Bill Currie

Bill Currie took the helm of BC Soccer Web in 2015. Previously, Bill had contributed to the popular website for many years as a photographer and guest editor. He is an avid fan of the “Beautiful Game”, and a former recreational player who still can’t use his left foot.

Bill is perhaps best known in the soccer community for his work as founder of the grassroots movement, Friends of Soccer (www.friendsofsoccer.org). Since 2005, Friends of Soccer has mobilized thousands of citizens to express their support on important soccer issues such as the originally proposed Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium, and the soccer-friendly renovation of B.C. Place. In 2013, Friends of Soccer mounted a successful public pressure campaign that called for the end of discrimination against Sikh and Muslim players in Quebec Soccer. Bill remains in his role with Friends of Soccer to this day.

He also brings over 30 years of media experience to BCSW as a broadcaster, producer, filmmaker and photographer. Career highlights include his role as an Editorial and Research Coordinator for Network Entertainment’s critically acclaimed series  “Legends of Hockey – A Personal Journey”, “CFL Traditions”, and episodes of CBC’s “Life and Times”.  Early in his career, he was the studio director for Telelatino’s coverage of Italian Serie A soccer telecasts. He currently works for Shaw TV Vancouver. Raised in Saint John, N.B., Bill studied Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson in Toronto. He is currently enrolled in the Public Relations program at the University of Victoria.

Richard Howes
Photographer & Editor Emeritus

Richard Howes has been involved with BC Soccer Web since its beginning in 1996, and assumed full ownership in 2005. Under his leadership, BC Soccer Web emerged as the Internet’s top authority on west coast soccer news.

Richard’s involvement in local club soccer spans over a quarter century. He has held several positions on the boards of teams and leagues in British Columbia and Ontario. Most notably, he sat on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Coast Soccer League for over a decade. As a web designer, he created the original website for the Vancouver 86ers, as well as for the province’s six major senior leagues. He was given the B.C.S.A.’s Award of Merit in 2007, and BC Soccer Web was named the top local sports website at the 2008 Best of 604 Awards. Although he retired as editor of BCSW in 2015, he continues on as a frequent photo contributor.

Monique Lamoureux

Monique Lamoureux is quickly becoming a familiar sight at local soccer fields. This emerging sports photographer captures the true passion of the grassroots game in her images for BC Soccer Web. Monique currently studies advanced photographic techniques at Langara University and Vancouver Photoworks. She is also an experienced portrait and wedding photographer. You can view her latest work at www.imagesbyl.com .



BC Soccer Web was the brainchild of soccer enthusiast Martin Rose. Martin started the site in 1996 and continued as sole owner and editor until November 2005 when ownership and operation was assumed by Richard Howes. Martin also served as a Director, Secretary and League Scheduler for the Vancouver Metro Soccer League and as a Director of the British Columbia Soccer Association.

Richard Howes came on board as a volunteer at the beginning when, as a frequent visitor to the site he could see that Martin needed some technical and graphic design help although Martin quickly developed the skills necessary. Richard also took on the project of creating the original Vancouver 86ers fan page hosted by The BC Soccer Web. This eventually evolved into the first official Vancouver 86ers (now Whitecaps FC) web site which Richard continued to maintain on a volunteer basis at the request of the club for a number of years. Richard also designed, built and maintained the original BC Soccer Web hosted sites for the Vancouver Metro Soccer League (VMSL), Metro Women’s Soccer League (MWSL), Vancouver Island Soccer League (VISL), Mid Island Soccer league (MISL), Fraser Valley Soccer League (FVSL) and Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL). While all of these organizations eventually assumed responsibility for their own websites, Richard continued webmaster for the PCSL until 2014. Richard retired as editor of BCSW in 2015, but continues to contribute photography on a regular basis.

Alan Douglas was the main Lower Mainland correspondent for and a prolific contributor to the BC Soccer Web until his mostly volunteer role of Media Relations and later Statistician for the Vancouver 86ers and later the Vancouver Whitecaps FC consumed what time he had to devote to soccer.

In 2015, BC Soccer Web was acquired by W.S.W. Digital Media, Ltd., and Bill Currie became its Editor-in-Chief. With a new look and new resources behind the site, we are more committed than ever to serving the British Columbia Soccer Community.

An Invitation

We are always looking for community contributions from all around the province and further afield. Don’t be shy. If you have a soccer story or would like to express your opinion about something soccer related, tell us about it. Click here to contact us.