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BC Soccer Web is the best and most affordable way to connect your business with the Soccer Community in British Columbia.

Every year, over 400,000 visitors count on BC Soccer Web to bring them daily updates on what’s happening in the beautiful game. Coupled with our vibrant and growing Social Media following, BC Soccer Web allows you to reach players, coaches, administrators, youth soccer parents and soccer fans in ways that other online ad services can’t. With BC Soccer Web, your message is never wasted. Our visitors want soccer, and are interested in goods and services that will enhance their soccer experience.

BC Soccer Web is the perfect advertising medium for:

– Tournaments, Camps & Academies
– Coaching & Referee Clinics
– Sporting Goods & Clothing
– Special Events
– Soccer Pubs & Restaurants
– Sports Medicine & Injury Management
– Soccer Books, Videos, Games & Gifts
– Soccer Travel
– Business Services and Trades
…and anything else you have that’s of interest to the soccer community.

You can get started with advertising on BC Soccer Web for as little as 50 cents per day!

Why should you advertise with BC Soccer Web?

  • We’re much more targeted and far less expensive than other online ad services.
  • Over 400,000 visits every year from people involved in soccer.
  • Over 75% of our traffic originates within British Columbia & 90% from Canada.
  • There’s no wasted traffic.  Your ad reaches the players, coaches, fans, and decision-makers in Soccer.
  • BC Soccer Web is one of the only soccer websites in Canada followed closely by both men and women (65% Men 35% Women).
  • Your Ads are based on tenancy, not “clicks” or “impressions” that are often fake or manipulated. This means your ad views on BC Soccer Web are always legitimate and can never be a victim of click fraud. Our family-friendly content ensures your ads will always be in good company as BC Soccer Web doesn’t allow ads for Sports Betting & Adult content.
  • 85% return visits means your message is seen again and again, not just once like with other ad services. Repetition is the key to successful brand building in advertising. It’s better for 10,000 viewers to see your ad three times than it is for 100,000 people to see your ad only once.
  • Our prices are in Canadian Dollars. Why on earth would you pay U.S. Dollars to advertise on a Canadian Website? Many ad services force you to do this.
  • Your ads are visible in a way that blends with our content. Your ads are seen without the nuisance of pop-ups or autoplay ads that annoy visitors and ruin their experience on the site.
  • With over 20 years of history behind us, you can rest assured we will continue to be around for years to come.

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