VISL COVID-19 / 2020 Season Update

March 23, 2020

Just wanted to fire you a message regarding our current status – and what we have planned at the current time.

We are all hopeful that we can beat this in to not only stay healthy, but to continue to play the game that impacts many of our lives.
This message was just sent out to membership this morning.

Hope you are staying as safe as possible while still providing news and content to us all – your work is appreciated.

League wide membership: (and referees for a FYI)

Just a quick note/reminder on a couple things.

-We are available to answer any questions about your team or your account.

-We are still in a holding pattern, and in uncertain times, but hopeful that we can finish off our season at some point.

We are not too close to the point yet, but no question that it is our intention to facilitate the completion of our 4 Island Cup Finals, as well as league games that have implications on a Div 4 Champion and Playoff Cup winner.

Pending on how much time goes by, we still want to support our teams in their drive for the Provincial Cup tournament and any Nationals/Westerns that come after that.

We will still be taking our direction from BCSA and CSA as time moves forward, and still in regular communication with them.

We do want to stress to membership that there are a couple great resources to stay on top of things – and the non-professional posts you are seeing on social media is definitely not included there.

We suggest you follow these:

Please avoid getting out in groups. Besides having no insurance for these activities, it is obviously not safe and does not keep in line with the physical distancing that needs to take place right now.

-Our banquet and awards night for Friday April 3 at the Strath is obviously cancelled, but it is our hope to have it down the road a bit – once things are under control.

-Can team leaders still make sure to get your MVP voting into your divisional liaison.

Teams and individuals have worked hard this year, and we want to make sure that they are recognized.

Your team leaders should have received a note from your divisional liaison, if not, let me know and I can help out with that.
Pending when we get back at it, we can post the top 3 vote receivers per division and then have the reveal at the awards night.

It is our intention to get all the trophies engraved with winners from this year, and not have empty spots or COVID-19 in those spaces.

That is about it for now. Really hope all are keeping well and staying healthy so this terrible stage we are in can come to a close as quickly as possible and we can all get back to participating in the game back on the pitch.

Again, feel free to fire off an email with any questions.

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

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