Welcome to the New Era for BC Soccer Web



Welcome to the new BC Soccer Web.

I’m Bill Currie, the new Editor-in-Chief. It is my great privilege to re-launch BC Soccer Web and continue the work of Martin Rose and Richard Howes, who created and developed Western Canada’s top soccer news site 19 years ago. Just like you, I come to BC Soccer Web every day to keep up with the latest happenings in the game. It’s even more fun now as I get to work on the site daily. I’d like to share with you some of the changes we’ve made to BC Soccer Web.

First off, we didn’t want to change too many things and mess up the site for you. We know that most of our readers want a quick dose of daily soccer news, and then get on with their day. We’ve kept that part of BC Soccer Web, and hopefully improved it a bit by making the layout and fonts cleaner, larger and easier to read. We’ve also optimized the site for mobile phones and tablets.

Those are just cosmetic changes. We’ve kept the most popular sections of the original site. Take the classifieds, for example. BC Soccer Web is still the best place to come if you’re looking for a team to play for, or a team looking for a player. Soon, we’ll make it easier for you to place your classified ad on BCSW any time. Rest assured, placing a classified in all of the categories from the original site will remain free for amateur soccer and non-profits.

BC Soccer Web has always delivered the best soccer photography in the province and we’re building on that fine tradition. We have more high-level soccer photographers shooting for us than the sports sections of many daily newspapers. We’re out at more local matches than any other media outlet, and we plan to do even more this season. If you play high level soccer in BC, keep an eye on our photo galleries. Your team could be on our front page!

Finally, there’s the news. For nearly two decades, BC Soccer Web has brought together interesting stories and perspectives on the game from a wide variety of sources into one convenient space. Unlike other aggregated sites, we do not gather these stories automatically through a computer algorithm that knows nothing about soccer. We carefully seek them out and select the ones we think you’ll find interesting. We also don’t engage in the unethical Internet practice of gathering stories and re-writing them, or stealing the work of others. We have nothing but respect and admiration for the scores of journalists, writers, bloggers and podcasters who share their passion and knowledge of the game. We’re pleased to tell you about their work and to send you directly to their websites, where they’ll benefit from your visit. So many of you have sent us stories, news releases, and letters to the editor in the past, and we hope you’ll continue (You can e-mail them to us here). We’ll also be adding our own features and original content.

It’s an exciting time for soccer in Canada, and we’re fortunate in B.C. to have such a strong¬† culture and history of the sport. B.C. has a role to play in continuing to build Canadian soccer to the highest levels. BC Soccer Web will always be your forum for the events and ideas that will move soccer forward. Enjoy!

Yours in Sport,
Bill Currie
BC Soccer web

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