VISL Division 1 Upcoming Matches, Week 12

Week 12 is upon us, and the VISL top flight is in a state on confusion as the parity continues.

This weekend is being called separation weekend, and this Friday could be very dismal for several teams as they go shopping for the Garrison Cup.

The top 5 teams are playing the bottom 5 teams this weekend. So teams will either do what “they are supposed to do” and defeat the lower ranked opponent – or……the lower ranked team will do what has happened so many times this year – defeat or draw the higher placed team.

Here are the games happening this weekend:

-Friday starts off with newly promoted Juan de Fuca travelling the Malahat and going to Sherman Rd turf to face Cowichan.
The Westshore boys will be in tough as Cowichan will look to rebound from their last weekends loss.
If JDF gets the same result as last week, it too will be worth celebrating as it might solidify their remaining in Div 1.
For Cowichan, it could be the end of the line as they look to gather their 6th straight garrison Cup – something that has only happened 1 other time in the 120+ years of the VISL.

-Friday will also see Bays Utd hosting Nanaimo……but it will be at Westhills as there is a small issue with the playing field at Oak Bay High School right now.
Nanaimo is in the relegation zone, and will be hungry to get out of it. Judging by last weeks result vs Gorge, it would appear that they are starting to click and players are coming off the injury list.
This should prove to be a tough match, and while there is great distance between the 2 teams in the standings, I am pretty sure the game itself will be a battle.

-Friday will also have Lakehill hosting Mid Isle at Braefoot park.
The Division leaders vs the last placed team.
No doubt the game should go a certain way, but stranger things have happened.
It will take a special effort from the Mid isle group if they are to take out the Reds this weekend.

-Saturday will see Gorge FC host Powell River Villa at Hampton Park.
Gorge being undefeated, and Villa being newly promoted…….both teams have a stack of draws, and both will be desperate for the full 3 points.
A Gorge win puts them back in top spot conversation, and a Villa win helps them with the relegation zone and opening options for themselves.

-Saturday, the division closes out with Vic West hosting undefeated Westcastle at Finlayson turf.
On paper, the young kids from the Westshore should handle the storied green team from Vic West.
Vic West has come down after their electric start, and have struggled of late, while Westcastle seem to struggle against teams that park the bus.
Tactics will be paramount, and the result will come from which team is better prepared and execute their game plan.

As we head into the weekend, here are the standings that teams are looking ever so closely at:

So many things could happen this weekend…….what script will play out???
Head out to a match, and enjoy some local grass roots soccer.

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

Posted in BC Soccer News.