VISL Andrew McGavin Cup Opening Round 2017-2018

-submitted by Vince Greco

The Andrew McGavin Cup, with the Mogens Brodsgaard Game MVP:

An old competition that we have held here on the Island since 1933.

In the early years, it was used as a fund to help out injured players.

Fast forward to 2000 and on – it is used as an early year tournament to get some extra work in and make final decisions for teams.

It is open to all teams except the top 4 of Division 1.  Some opportunity for lower divisional teams to test their skills vs a higher caliber team can get interesting too.

To pay tribute to our fallen members, this year we have decided to do that by having the Final on Remembrance Day, get the bbq out, invite families and communities, break bread, and maybe tilt a glass.


Hope to see you out this week, or the next round on Sept 26 & 27.


Andrew McGavin Cup


Opening Round


Tues Sept 12, 6 pm at BeckwithLakehill U21 vs Gorge FC 3B

Tues Sept 12, 6 pm at Adam KerrJDF Pilgrims 3A vs Fernwood Town ET Soccer Div 2

Tues Sept 12, 8 pm at Adam KerrCowichan 49ers Masters A vs Prospect Lake Lakers Div 3B


Weds Sept 13, 6 pm at BeckwithGorge Us-Guys Div 3A vs Vic West Casuals Div 2

Weds Sept 13, 6 pm at Adam Kerr JDF Div 2 vs Bays Utd 3A

Weds Sept 13, 8 pm at Adam KerrCowichan U21 vs Prospect Lake Lakers Div 2


Thurs Sept 14, 6 pm at BeckwithJDF Bombers Div 4A vs Cowichan Red Aarow Div 3A

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