Soccer Quest players make the grade again

L-R. Alvin Crowfoot/ Lucas Rinaldi/ Markus Mollett

-submitted by Dave Spendlove

Soccer Quest with approximately 2,000 members are pleased to announce that 6 of its 2006 academy players have made the TOFC 2006 intake program to play in the BCSPL.

5 boys, Markus Mollett, Liam Murphy, Alvin Crowfoot, Griffin Ansley & Lucas Rinaldi made the 2006 TOFC boys intake making a total of 11 players out of 17 on the final roster from the private academies Soccer Quest and our sister academy Socca Skool from Kelowna.

Chanel Beltrano also made the 2006 Girls intake team where she will be joining the other 4 girls presently in the 2006 squad who played up a full year from last year’s squad.

Evaluations for the Soccer Quest Academy start July 16 and run for 6 weeks these evaluations are free for all those interested in playing in Kamloops highest level of youth soccer. For more information on these evaluations go to

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