KYSA Women’s Indoor Soccer Finals Results

-submitted by KYSA

KAMLOOPS, BC – Middleton Petroleum and Sweet Mullets were the winners in last night’s (February 28) Kamloops Women’s Indoor Soccer League Competitive Division finals at the Soccer Dome.

The Competitive Division was divided into two groups of teams –– “A” and “B”.

Middleton Petroleum won Group B of the Competitive Division by defeating Rebels, 2-1. Dana Shaw and Carrie Joudrey were the marksmen for Middleton; Cathy Schmid was the lone scorer for Rebels.

Sweet Mullets took the Group A crown by a score of 2-1 over Kamloops Kia. Holly Krutop and Val Godard were the scorers for Sweet Mullets; Linnea Pasternak netted Kamloops Kia’s goal.

The two Competitive Division finals brought to a close the Women’s Indoor Competitive Division indoor season that started back in mid-October, 2015.

Next Sunday (March 6) will see the final of the Kamloops Women’s Indoor Soccer League Recreation Division take place at the Soccer Dome at 7:00pm. United Spirit, who defeated 4-Star Communications 3-1 in the semi-final, will meet Reccos, who won their semi-final encounter 2-0 over Hubz. Both Recreation League semi-final games were played ahead of the Competitive Division finals, Sunday, February 28.

The Kamloops Youth Soccer Association took over responsibility for running the women’s indoor adult leagues last year when the organization took on a management role at the Dome.

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