KAMLOOPS, BC – At the December 19, 2016 meeting of the Kamloops Youth Soccer Association (KYSA) board, the directors will be electing a new President from within their ranks.

Graham Cope, who has served on the KYSA executive for 11 years––10 successive years as President––has advised he will not be seeking re-election as President.

With a son (Iain) graduating from the youth program this past summer, and a daughter (Erin) soon to graduate, Graham has chosen to slowly withdraw from the board.

Cope has one year remaining on a two-year term that he was elected to at the KYSA AGM in 2015. He has vowed to serve out his term in an advisory role for whomever is chosen to succeed him at the December meeting.

“I have worked with and alongside many soccer association presidents in my 35-year career in soccer administration. Graham has been unquestionably one of the best,” says KYSA Executive Director Keith Liddiard. “He’s a person I have the greatest respect for. I have enjoyed working with him for the eight years I have been employed by KYSA.”

Directors who serve on not-for-profit boards are all volunteers and devote a great deal of time to the group’s cause. In Cope’s case, this has been a significant commitment; well above the norm (he also serves on the Sun Peaks Ski Club organizing group and prepares courses and acts as a race marshal for major ski events).

Adds Liddiard, “Graham is a man of great integrity, intellect and fairness and in my opinion has been a great leader and visionary for KYSA over the ten years he has led the organization. His eagerness to see KYSA prosper and develop into one of the leading districts/soccer clubs in the province is backed by a remarkable commitment. We are slowly, but surely, working toward that goal.”

The President of the KYSA––which annually registers 3,500 players––is chosen from within the seven-person volunteer board of directors on a yearly basis.

In 2013 Graham received the City of Kamloops’ Distinguished Service Award for his role with KYSA. In March of 2014, Graham was presented with the BC Soccer “President’s Award” at the Sport BC Athlete of the Year Banquet in Vancouver in recognition of his dedication, guidance and oversight of KYSA.

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