VISL COVID-19 / 2020 Season Update

March 23, 2020 Just wanted to fire you a message regarding our current status – and what we have planned at the current time. We are all hopeful that we can beat this in to not only stay healthy, but to continue to play the game that impacts many of our lives. This message was […]

VISL Division 1 / Jackson Cup Results

Clearly the announcement regarding the Canadian National Men’s Team inspired some local players and teams as they came of to play this weekend. An odd weekend that mixed in league divisional play as well as some entry round game of Jackson Cup. Starting with the Division 1 league play, here is what happened to extend […]

VISL Division 1 Matchweek 18 Previews

It is crunch time, and the weekend ahead could answer a lot of unknowns as the VISL’s division 1 regular season comes to its completion. This weekend might be the most impact any 1 weekend has had all year. From the Garrison Cup championship, to BC Soccer Provincial Cup qualifying, to Relegation at the bottom […]

VISL Division 1 Results and Standings, Week 14

The last weekend of 2019 in the top flight on amateur soccer is complete, and it delivered with more surprising results. Division 1 continues to be a division of parity – divided in two halves. Here is how it all breaks down, with all the scorers – and there was a plenty. -Friday started with […]

VISL Division 1 Listings and Previews, Week 14

The upcoming weekend will be the last weekend of VISL top flight Division 1 amateur soccer for 2019. Wrapping up 2019 should be exciting as it sets the table with what teams need to do as 2020 gets underway. Here are the games on tap for the upcoming week 14. The upcoming weekend will confirm […]

VISL Division 1 Results & Standings, Week 13

The past weekend was all compacted into one day, and Saturday was a busy one in the top flight of the Island Soccer League. It had a little bit of everything; more draws, an “upset” from a draw, a couple games where the unexpected happened and almost huge upsets took place. Needless to say, it […]

VISL Division 1 Preview, Week 13

VISL Division 1 league play is approaching, the dreaded week 13. It could be a weekend that shatters dreams, or gets teams one step closer to achieving success. Here is what the top flight has in store for the weekend……with all fixtures taking place on Saturday night. -Out of the gate, a match at Timberlane […]

VISL Division 1 Results and Standings, Week 11

The top flight of amateur soccer has wrapped up for the weekend, and it has served up a couple surprises to say the least. Division 1 continues to show its parity over the year, and here is a snapshot of what happened on Grey Cup Weekend. -It started Friday night as top of the table […]

VISL Division 1 Upcoming Matches, Week 11

Week 11 of Division 1 soccer is fast approaching, and here is the 11th edition detailing what the top flight of amateur soccer has in store for the weekend. It will really be an Island affair as games are littered up and down the entire Island and Powell River…….only missing Saltspring! -Friday gets going with […]

VISL Division 1 Results and Standings, Week 10

The wet weekend has come to a close, thankfully we have turf fields or else many games would have been cancelled as we saw a lot of rain this weekend. Week 10 lived up to it’s expectations as many games had a big impact on current standings. Here is a quick snapshot of the results. […]