VISL Weekend Results – March 1-3

One of our busiest weekends of the year as we had Jackson Cup and Regular season mixed in together.

It provided plenty of soccer action to take in to say the least.

The Jackson Cup had the bulk of games, and here is the breakdown, as well as how the bracket unfolds:

-This round got started on Saturday and it started off with a beauty at Merle Logan Turf in Nanaimo.
It took 120′, and Lakehill defeated host Nanaimo United by score of 3-2.
Nanaimo goals by Andres Algarin & Griffin Douglas.
Scoring for Lakehill – youth callup Reid Adams, Tarnvir Bhandal, and with the late winner at 107′ – Blair Sturrock.
-Next up was Gorge Utd Div 2 and they were hosting Lakehill Div 2 at Hampton Turf.
Gorge were victorious by score of 3-0.
Goal scorers were Devin Austin, Declan Simard, and Ichio Kawabata.
-The possible Cinderella story of the tournament (or at least 1 of them) were bounced from the tournament.
Westcastle Div 1 went up to face Nanaimo Div 2, and the visitors laid a 9-0 shelling on the hopeful Div 2’s.
Scoring for Westcastle; Goteh Ntignee, Keenan Colley, Kayden Minor, Jonathan Walter, Simon Stacey x 2, and Joshua Walter x 3.
Sachdev Grewal earned the shutout.
-The final jackson Cup game of the weekend had Cowichan defeat Vic West by score of 4-0.
Cowichan goals by Craig Gorman, Tyson Black, and Jesse Winter with 2.
Shutout by Keeper Darian Achurch.

Division 1 had a couple games to keep teams busy, and standings were changed accordingly.
Besides Cowichan & Westcastle making up a couple of their make up games, these weekend results altered the standings and have increased the uncertainty of who exactly will qualify for BC Soccer’s Provincial Cup.

-Bays Utd came up with a big 5-2 win over Mid Isle to push them up the standings.
Scoring for Bays was Jordan Roy, Alex Redpath, Patrick Nelson, and Justin Donaldson with a pair,
Replying for Mid Isle was Ryan Andre & Benjamin Robson.
-The other match Sunday was between the 2 teams in the relegation zone, and Comox defeated Fernwood by score of 4-1.
Comox goals by Kyle Bait, Grayson Chalifoux, and a pair from Nick Marinus.
The solo Fernwood goal was scored by Ydrisa Da Silva.

So here are the standings after the last 2 weeks of getting some makeup games in.
Cowichan open up a bit of a lead and will need just 2 points in their last 2 games to capture their 5th straight Garrison Cup as Division 1 Champions.
What happens after that is still up in the air.
Westcastle will finish top 4, but their are 4 other teams within 1 point – and where they finish and if they qualify for BC Soccer Provincial Cup is unknown.

And if all that information was not enough, here is an added piece of news that should interest some – the goal scoring race.
Patrick Nelson of Bays Utd leads the way, but 1 strong game can change things in a hurry.

That is how the Island League’s top flight went this weekend.
Next weekend will have the 1/4 Finals in the Jackson Cup and more Cup play.
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Thanks for supporting local grass roots soccer.

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

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