VISL Weekend Cup Results – March 9-10

-submitted by Vince Greco

There is a reason you play all the games in a tournament instead of just putting the top 2 placed teams into the Final – because anything can happen.

While some results finished as some would have expected, there were several “upsets” and the underdog is going through to the Cup Final in 2 weeks’ time at Royal Athletic Park.


The Jackson Cup was the perfect example of the underdog going through.

-The top half of the bracket had Gorge going to Duncan and facing Division champion Cowichan LMG.

Gorge had been facing personnel challenges the last couple months, and Cowichan was no stranger to making their way to the Jackson Cup Final in the recent 10 years.

Cowichan was able to strike first, but Gorge answered quickly. Gorge going ahead made Cowichan push even more and they had plenty of opportunity to score – but it did not materialize.

Gorge overcame the odds and took down Cowichan with a 3-1 scoreline.

-The other side of the bracket had Vic West hosting Lakehill.

With all the additions Vic West had made in the previous couple months, pretty sure most thought the storied club would be making a long awaited visit back to the biggest game of the local soccer scene.

Much to the credit of Lakehill, some hard work, and some strong play, along with capitalizing at the rght time = they are going to the big game and looking for their 1st ever Jackson Cup trophy.

Vic West had their fair share of chances, but between not being able to finish them and going down to 10 men early in the game – it was not meant to be for the Greens.


The Tony Grover Master Cup went somewhat according to what most assumed would happen.

Gorge Backfit took down old rival Vic West 7-1 to end that cinderella story.

On the other side, Cowichan was able to defeat the Cordova Bay Bobcat squad 2-0.

Cowichan return to the Final looking for the 2nd straight gold medal.

Should be a very good game and is right before the Jackson Cup Final.


The George Pearkes Challenge Cup had its fair share of drama.

The top half of the bracket saw heavily favored Saanich Fusion defeated by Propsect Lake Kal Tire.

The Saanich Fusion squad being top of the table in 3B while Prospect Lake being middle of the table on the 3A side.

The other side of the bracket had a spirited affair between Gorge and Hellas. Gorge had a comfortable lead until late in the 2nd half when a late goal by the Hellas added a little bit of heat.

After all the dust settled, Gorge defeated the Hellas squad 3-2.


The George Smith U21 Cup had a little bit of everything.

Vic West was able to claw from behind and beat Juan de Fuca 2-1. Vic West had a comfortable draw in getting to the final as they were the only team to receive a bye.

On the top half of the draw, an entertaining match as Cowichan was able to hold off a dominating Prospect Lake team and finish up with a 2-1 victory.

Plenty of chances for Prospect Lake, unable to break through a hard working Cowichan team.


Here are the official brackets for the 4 Final games:


Gorge D1
Lakehill D1
Sunday, March 25, 2018
2:30 pm RAP


Gorge A
Cowichan 49ers A
Sunday, March 25, 2018
Noon RAP


PL Kal Tire 3A
Gorge Us-Guys 3A
Saturday March 24th
Noon – RAP


Vic West
Saturday March 24 2018
2:30 pm – RAP


Thanks for supporting the people in your community and local soccer.


See you on Cup Finals weekend.

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