VISL Week 14 Upcoming Matches

Here we go, back at it for VISL Division 1 League play as games will get underway this upcoming Friday January 18.
And what a lineup to get 2019 started.
Here is the breakdown:
-Friday starts off with 2 teams that have surprisingly underachieved so far this year as Gorge FC hosts Vic West FC at Hampton Turf.
Both teams will be looking for the full 3 points and starting 2019 with a bang.
Saturday is a loaded day with 4 games.
-Cowichan hosts Mid Isle at Sherman Rd which should be interesting.
Cowichan will look to keep moving up the standings as they mathematically have a chance of still winning the Garrison Cup.
Mid Isle suffered some player transfer hits as they lost 3 very good players to mid season movement.
Should be an interesting game.
-Comox will be hosting Lakehill in a last vs first match.
We know Comox will battle, and if Lakehill does not travel with a good squad, it could be Fernwood all over again.
Comox will need a special effort on the night to say the least.
-Nanaimo, fresh over restructuring their lineup in the mid season will host Fernwood at Merle Logan.
If Nanaimo wants to be part of the conversation, they will need to take care of the scrappy Fernwoodians.
Fernwood will need the 3 points if they want to start getting out of the relegation zone.
-Final match of the weekend has me very confused. It is Westcastle hosting Bays at Westhills Stadium.
By all accounts, Westcastle are strong and quick and will look to defeat Bays again.
The question is will Bays come out to play? When they do, they are good.
A big match for both teams as Westcastle look to win their first ever Garrison Cup for winning the division, and Bays will look to get into the top 5 for Provincial Cup purposes.
Here are the standings for the top flight – many things could change after this weekend!
Lakehill FC (D1) 13 9 1 3 28 16 12 28
Mid Isle Mariners (D1) 13 8 2 3 34 17 17 26
Cowichan FC (D1) 11 7 3 1 20 9 11 24
Westcastle United (D1) 11 7 1 3 26 13 13 22
Nanaimo United FC (D1) 13 6 4 3 25 17 8 22
Bays United Liquor Plus (D1) 13 6 1 6 36 21 15 19
Vic West FC (D1) 13 4 3 6 20 18 2 15
Gorge FC (D1) 12 3 3 6 14 22 -8 12
Fernwood Town ET Soccer (D1) 13 1 2 10 10 50 -40 5
Comox Valley United (D1) 12 0 2 10 8 38 -30 2
See you at the pitch this weekend………
Thanks for supporting local soccer.
Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director
Posted in BC Soccer News.