VISL Week 14 Results & Standings

The top flight of Men’s League was back and open for business this past weekend, and there were some surprises you could say.
The standings have changed, and the outlook on the year has become murky at best.
Here is the quick breakdown of what happened:

-Gorge slipped by Vic West 2-1 at Hampton on Friday with goals by Mike Moon and Anton Bucher. Vic West got their lone marker by Rookie of The Year candidate Nicholas Budisa.

-In a battle between top contenders, Cowichan nipped by Mid Isle by score of 2-1.
Cowichan goals were by Jordon Korven & Craig Gorman. James Taylor got the lone marker for Mid Isle.

-In the biggest shock of the weekend, Comox who was in last place defeated Lakehill who sits in 1st place. Lakehill goals by Nicholas Pineda-Graham and Shohei Iwamoto. For Comox, it was Grayson Chalifoux with a pair, and Joe Butcher with the game winner.

-At Merle Logan Turf, host Nanaimo United took down Fernwood 4-0.
Nanaimo goals by Matt Mehrassa, Hector Reyes-Valdez, Westlee Bischoff, and newly acquired Andreas Algarin. Recording the shutout was Keeper Geoff Hackett.

-The final game of the weekend had Westcastle defeat Bays Utd by score of 3-1.
Westcastle goals by Maurizio Abdi, Goteh Ntignee, and Simon Stacey.
The Bays marker by Patrick Nelson.

So with all those games completed, here are the standings for the chase to capture the Garrison Cup:

-Lakehill still remain in 1st place.
Their loss allows Cowichan & Westcastle to earn valuable catch up points – especially as both teams have 2 games in hand.
-Both Cowichan and Westcastle jump up on the leaderboard as both teams ahead of them lost.
It will be an interesting game when those 2 face off…..especially as one of the games is a make up game.
-Bays, Vic West, and Gorge are now on the outside looking in.
They will need other teams to help them out in order to qualify for a Provincial Cup Berth via league standings.
-Comox and Fernwood remain in the relegation zone, but Comox jumps into 9th with their win – via goal differential.

The Scoring Leader-board welcomes some new faces, here is how it looks now, still with Patrick Nelson leading the way:

An excellent start to 2019…….well, at least an interesting one that offered plenty of excitement.
Already looking forward to what next week brings.

Thanks for supporting local soccer.

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

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