VISL Week 13 Upcoming Matches

There is no doubt that the VISL Division 1 has not had this parity in many years.
This weekend should most likely add to the drama as there are several games that will have direct effect on the standings.

Here is the breakdown.

Friday night starts out with a bang.

-Bays vs Cowichan at Oak Bay High; should be a dandy for many reasons.
Will Bays continue to roll after their win over Nanaimo last week or will Cowichan continue to stifle teams and get more and more results?
it will be a reunion of sorts, and I’m sure it will be an interesting game.

-Gorge is hosting Nanaimo at Hampton on Friday as well. Gorge has been bitten on many occasion and is amazing to see them not getting more positive results.
Nanaimo has been struggling with injuries, so this will be a big test for both teams and has 3 very important points attached.

-Saturday has Westcastle hosting Comox at Goudy turf.
Westcastle off a fresh win over Vic West will look to keep climbing the standings, while Comox will come down and battle as per normal.

-The Game Of The Week – on the road to Ladysmith as division leaders Mid Isle host 2nd place Lakehill.
Both teams are having fabulous years – will definitely depend on personnel as to how this game plays out.
Both teams coming off wins, but both have also dropped some valuable points of late.
This should be an excellent match.

-Fernwood hosts Vic West on Sunday and both teams are looking for a win in the worst way.
It will be interesting to see what teams are on the field as both seem to be going through some challenges of late.

This will be the last official week of division 1 soccer before the Xmas break.
Get out, dress warm, and support the people that work and live in your community.
Support grass roots soccer.

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