VISL – Sir Jackson Cup Results

Wow, what a packed weekend of local soccer. Fields up and down the Island hosted a wide variety of VISL Cup games = the exciting playoffs for all ages and categories.

The Jackson Cup lived up to its storied tradition of teams stepping up when everything is on the line. This created for some great games, some exciting finishes, and some shocking results.

-On Thursday night, in the last play in round game, Vic West Casuals of Div 2 defeated Lakehill of Div 2 by score of 1-0. The winners went on to play Nanaimo Div 1 on Saturday night and Nanaimo Div 1 beat Vic West Div 2 by score of 4-1.

-Friday night had some excitement in Sooke as the locals were treated to a match where rival Prospect Lake of Div 2 came in and beat the local Sooke Div 2 team by score of 4-1.

-Also on Friday night, Gorge FC of Div 1 travelled across Saanich to defeat Saanich Fusion of Div 1 by score of 5-1.

Nic McNally Dawes with 2 goals and Jon Shah with 3 goals led the way for Gorge.

-Things heated up some on Saturday night and there was almost a huge upset as Cowichan Div 1 snuck by Comox Div 1 by score of 2-1. Comox led up until 80 minutes, then Cowichan got a couple goals via Tyler Hughes service to Cooper Barry and Craig Gorman.

-Campbell River Div 1 handled the Vantreights Div 2 squad by score of 2-0

-Lakehill Div 1 survives a scare from Nanaimo Div 2 by coming back and beating them 3-2. Darcy Lenton led Lakehill with 3 goals.

-VI Wave Div 1 went up 3-0 over Bays Utd Div 1 by Halftime, they ended up beating them by score of 3-2.

-And in the upset of the weekend – Cowichan Utd Div 2 defeated Vic West Div 1 by score of 3-2 at UVic.
Cowichan went up 2-0 early, Vic West battled back to tie it up. Cowichan score at 85′ on a gorgeous goal by Tanner Dobson. The remaining minutes had some panic in the Cowichan 6 yard box……Vic West was unable to capitalize.

The next round will be in 2 weeks (March 3-5 Weekend)

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