VISL Division 1 / Jackson Cup Results

Clearly the announcement regarding the Canadian National Men’s Team inspired some local players and teams as they came of to play this weekend.
An odd weekend that mixed in league divisional play as well as some entry round game of Jackson Cup.
Starting with the Division 1 league play, here is what happened to extend the season and some potential late heroics:
-Powell River started out on Saturday by defeating Mid Isle.
This kept their spirits up as they still have a chance to remain in the division.
Scoring for Villa was Richard Murphy, Scott Livingstone, and James Timothy.
Earning the clean sheet was Matthew Liknes.
-In a game of no consequence, Vic West defeated Gorge by score of 3-0.
Vic West goal by Salem Almardy, and Declan O’Callaghan adding 2.
Collecting the clean sheet for the for the time this year – Derek deGroot.
-In a game that served as bragging rights more than anything else, Westcastle defeated Lakehill by score of 3-2.
Scoring for Westcastle was Boland Lekeaka, Noah Lechelt, and Stuart Klenner.
Scoring for Lakehill (who already clinched the division) was Wesley Barrett and Blair Sturrock.
The standings did change a bit from the past week, but still some answers to earn next games as the last remaining relegation spot is still TBA.
Here is how it all breaks down.
Some changes in the scoring race, and here is what that looks like as Keenen Colley appears to be well on his way to winning his first title.
It would take a pretty unbelievable effort from Patrick Nelson in his last game to win another scoring title.
On the shutout scene, not too much changing, except Darian Achurch still has an opportunity to catch youngster Sachdev Grewal.
In Jackson Cup news, the play in round got underway this weekend, and it did not disappoint with some great match-ups.
-The 2020 battle for Jackson Cup supremacy started out with Cowichan defeating Juan de Fuca by score of 3-1.
Cowichan goals by Blaze Roberts, and Grayson Chalifoux with 2.
The lone JDF marker was by Ori Fisher.
-A great battle in the mid island area had Nanaimo defeat last years finalist Bays Utd by score of 2-0.
Nanaimo goals by Shun Takano and Michael Greenaway.
Earning the shutout was keeper Geoff Hackett.
-A battle between 2 Division 2 teams saw Gorge Utd defeat Nanaimo by score of 2-1 – after 120 minutes.
Scoring for Nanaimo was Tim Yager.
Goals from Gorge were Ethan Dhaliwal, and Brady Neil in added extra time.
-The final game of the weekend had another all Division 2 match-up that saw Lakehill defeat Hellas by score of 4-0.
Lakehill goals by Brad Hart, Darcy Lenton, and Cameron Rose with 2.
Earning the shutout for Lakehill was Iain Walker.
Here is the updated bracket:
Next weeks game will all be Jackson Cup related and they will be the round of 16 matches.
All 8 games have different stories lines that could play out, we look forward to seeing how they all go.
Till next week, thanks for supporting local soccer – and go Canada go.
We definitely look forward to getting some tickets come Wednesday and Thursday before it all sells out.
Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director
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