VISL Cup Semi-Finals, March 9-10, 2018

The weekend is approaching and all 4 major Cups of the VISL are into their respective semifinals at this point.


Our biggest and longest standing Cup – since 1915 – the Sir John Jackson Cup has these 2 semifinals:


Cowichan D1
Saturday Mar 10, 7 PM Sherman Road
Gorge D1


Vic West D1
Saturday Mar 10, 6:30 PM Uvic #3
Lakehill D1


The home team (top team in bracket) would appear to be the favorite, but both games could clearly go either way.


Our next longest standing Cup is the George Pearkes Challenge Cup since 198. The Cup has these 2 semi’s:


SFFC Bandits 3B
Saturday March 10, 6 PM Tyndall Turf
PL Kal Tire 3A


Hellas 3B
Friday March 9, 7:15 PM Westhills Stadium
Gorge Us-Guys 3A


SF and Gorge would appear to be the favorites and it will take strong performances from the lower seeded teams to knock off the 2 big boys.


Our Cup for the U-21 Division (started in 2001) is the George Smith Cup, and here are those 2 semifinals:


Prospect Lake Lakers
Sunday  March 11, 3:00 PM Layritz Turf


Juan de Fuca
Friday March 9,  7:15 Royal Bay Turf
Vic West


This year’s draw was very top heavy, add in that Vic West had a bye over the other teams – should be an interesting weekend.

Cowichan will be missing one of the top players, = Prospect Lake looking good to face a bottom 2 team in the final after knocking off division champ Mid Isle last round.



And finally, our Masters Cup which is a memorial Cup named a longtime VISL member; the Tony Grover Cup.

It was first competed for in the year 2000. Here are those 2 semifinals:


Gorge A
Sat March 10 6:00 PM Hampton Park
Vic West B


CB Bobcats B
Saturday Mar 10 6:00 PM Lochside Turf
Cowichan 49ers A


While it is expected that both A teams will make it through to the Final, the 2 B teams that are playing could pull off an upset on the day.



This is what 6+ months of local soccer can get you – an opportunity to play in the Cup Finals on the March 24/25 weekend.

Local bragging rights as well as a chance to compete in a Provincial wide tournament in April & May also come into play.


Our 2000 members working towards this goal thank you for the support in the respective communities.


Thanks for supporting local soccer, see you at the park.


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