VISL All-Star Weekend Results

-submitted by Vince Greco

Here are all the results from the VISL All-star weekend that took place at Hampton Turf, home of Gorge FC.

Plenty of photos posted today on our Vancouver Island Soccer League Facebook page.


10 am game.

U21 defeat Div 4 by score of 3-0.

U21 goals – Ydrisa DaSilva of Prospect Lake at 20′, Michael Henman of Lakehill at 33′, Otniel Ionce of Bays United at 60′

U21 Keeper with Shutout – Evan Carr of Mis Isle Mariners.

Div 4 MVP – Rob Willie of Castaways Invicta.

U21 Team MVP & Man of the Match – Seb Yan of Mid Isle Mariners.




12 noon game.

Div 3 defeat Div 2 by score of 3-0. (Huge upset obviously)

Div 3 goals – Yanni Mavrikos of Hellas at 6′, Brendan Andrews of Gorge Us-Guys at 53′, Tyler Ostapovich of Castaways at 75′.

Div 3 Keepers with the shutout – Matt Cook of Gorge Us-Guys & Evan Pivnick of Bays United.

Div 2 Team MVP – Isayah Dheensaw of Lakehill.

Div 3 Team MVP – Matt Cook of Gorge Us-Guys.

Man of the Match – Steve Gately of Gorge Us-Guys.




The 2:30 pm game was the Masters Interprovincial game.

FVSL defeat VISL by score of 2-1.


FVSL – Dave Morris of SFC Temple Utd via penalty kick at 11′ and  Bob Atwal of Temple Utd FC at 72′

VISL – Francesco Cortini of Gorge Backfit at 78′ – he was also the VISL Team MVP.

The FVSL Team MVP was their 1st half Keeper – Ian Johnston.

The Man of the Match from FVSL Port Moody Rangers – Shawn Blakeway.


This game was dominated by the VISL. The FVSL Keeper made some great saves in the 1st Half to keep his team ahead.

FVSL had much fewer chances, but obviously capitalized when necessary.  They were very tired in the 2nd Half, but decided to defend, they weathered the storm other than 1 later goal for VISL.

They were very happy to hear the whistle go to wrap up the game.


The feature game at 4:30 pm was the Open Men’s Interprovincial match.

– FVSL defeated VISL 3-2 after penalty kicks.



VISL – Patrick Nelson of Cowichan at 48′ – and VISL Team MVP

Koby Greaves of Westcastle at 53′


FVSL – Tyler Rosenlund of Burnaby Firefighters at 75′ – Man of the Match

Mark Baldisimo of Coastal FC at 86′


VISL was up 2-0 later in the game and looked to be defending well enough to earn a win.

Much to their credit, FVSL kept putting on the pressure and did not let up. They were carrying plenty of the play and were rewarded with their first goal which was a very nice volley.

The pressure kept coming and they tied up the match minutes before the final whistle.

As penalty shots were needed, FVSL completed the comeback and received the trophy.



An enjoyable post game in the Gorge FC Clubhouse followed up with a hosted celebration at the Strathcona Hotel.

A good day for amateur soccer in the Province.

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