VISL All-Star Games This Weekend

-submitted by Vince Greco

While most of the soccer world has the weekend off, we plan to play here on Vancouver Island; specifically Saturday January 6.

The Intra League & Inter Provincial All-star games will be held at Hampton Park, home of Gorge FC, here in Saanich.

As we come to our 15th season of structured All-star games locally, we will have 4 games that showcase select players representing various divisions. Players were selected by coaches that had had a winning or very positive previous season.  They will feature players from a wide variety of teams – most of the time they would play against eachother as opposed to playing on the same team for the upcoming weekend.


Our feature game will be at 4:30 pm. It will be the VISL Div 1 All-stars vs the Fraser Valley Soccer League Premier Division All-stars.

At 2:30 pm, it will be the VISL Masters All-stars vs the Fraser Valley Soccer League Masters All-stars.

The game at 12 noon will be an Island match that will have the Division 2 All-stars vs the Division 3 All-stars.

Our first game of the day at 10 am will be the Division 4 All-stars vs the U 21 Division All-stars.


Trophy presentations will be made on field.  Post-game analysis, dissecting the games, and blaming the officials will take place in the Gorge clubhouse.

The Strathcona Hotel will be holding a reception in the Sticky Wicket at 9:30 pm.

All are welcome.


Here are the lineups for the day:  (Starters are marked with an *)


Division 1 VISL All-stars – 2017/2018 – FEATURE MATCH –

Darian Achurch – Cowichan – Keeper
Iain Walker – Gorge – Keeper – *
Jordan Korven – Cowichan – Def – *
Ben Leggett – Nanaimo – Def – *
Paddy Greig – Nanaimo – Def – *
Jared Atchison – Gorge – Def
Craig Robertson – Bays Utd – Def
Adam Ravenhill – Bays Utd – Def – *
Darragh Fitzgerald – Nanaimo – Mid
Matt Mehrassa – Nanaimo – Mid
Bryan Taylor – Vic West – Mid – *
Koby Greaves – Westcastle – Mid
Craig Gorman – Cowichan – Mid – *
Kevan Brown – Cowichan – Mid – *
Jon Shah – Gorge – St
Elliott Cuthbert – Westcastle – St – *
Ryan Andre – Lakehill – St – *
Patrick Nelson – Cowichan – St – *

Glen Martin – Coach –




FVSL Premier


Cole Almond Striker PMO Lordco Gunners

Mark Baldisimo Midfield Coastal FC

Scott Barling Midfield Langley United

Tammer Byrne Defense Abbotsford United

Jon Craig Striker Surrey United FF

Daniel Davidson Striker Abbotsford United

Sean Einarsson Striker Surrey United FF

Tyler Epp Defense Chilliwack FC

Steve Gaffney Defense Aldergrove United

Victor Gouchee GK Surrey United FF

Connor Hildebrant Midfield Aldergrove United

Nuno Jesus GK Aldergrove United

Mitchell Kuemper Defense Aldergrove United

Stefan Leslie Defense Surrey United FF

Graeme Meers Striker PMO Lordco Gunners

Josh Miles Striker Surrey United FF

Brad Peetoom Defense Surrey United FF

Tyler Rosenlund Midfield Burnaby FF

Jake Starheim Striker Coastal FC

Vince Stewart Midfield Surrey United FF

Ben Vandergoes Defense Aldergrove United

Brent Wantke Defense Langley United


Coach – Dave Hleucka



Masters VISL All-stars – 2017/2018

*Adam Taft – Cowichan – Def
Darcy Kulai – Cowichan – Mid
*Ryan Fusick – Cowichan – Mid
*George Thomas – Cowichan – Mid
Richard Lord – Cowichan – Def
*Todd Vass – Cowichan – Def
*Stuart Barker – Cowichan – Str
Rob McIntyre – Cowichan – GK
*Daniel Lauvass – Gorge – Def
*Elcidio Cabral – Gorge – Def
Francesco Cortini – Gorge – Str
*Jason Guildan – Gorge – Mid
*Scott Rankin – Gorge – GK
*Vladimir Music – Gorge – Str
Dean Anderson – UVIC – Str
*Nando Dunic – UVIC – Mid
Stefan Olcen – UVIC – Def
Toby Vallance – UVIC – Str
Nour-eddine Zioui – Vic West – Str

Coach Kevin James
Asst Coach Bruce Cafferky


Vs FVSL Masters


Geoff Ayi-Bonte – Surrey United SC

Ian Johnston – North Delta SC Rangers

Mike Turner – South Surrey FC

Shawn Blakeway – PMO Rangers FC

Wes Halliday – Surrey United

John Collins – Surrey United SC

Graeme McGowan – PMO Rangers FC

Sandro Tassone – North Delta SC Rangers

Jag Sajjan – Temple Utd FC

Bob Atwal – Temple Utd FC

Trevor Rosencrans – PMO Rangers FC

Dave Morris – SFC Temple United

Jimmy Taylor – PMO Rangers FC

Muchtar Ganief – Temple Utd FC

Andy Desouzza – Temple Selects

Simon Crocker – Surrey United SC

Sean Crocker – Surrey United SC

Andrew Kato – PMO Rangers

Ravi Meehan – Temple Selects

Liam Breen – Surrey United SC

Keegan Munn – Surrey United SC

Jay Newcomb – Surrey United SC


Coach – Thomas Mills – FVSL



Division 2 All-stars – 2017/2018-

Adam Rainsford Gorge M *
Brent Cameron JDF ST *
James Fitzpatrick JDF D *
Chris Ohara JDF GK
Nick McClymont JDF D
Isayah Dheensaw Lakehill ST *
Brett Lumley Lakehill LM *
Sager Bradley Mid Isle Any *
Cole Senchar Mid Isle D *
Curtis Keen Nanaimo M
Adrian Herlaar Prospect M *
Mathew Ablitt Prospect
Chris Walsh SFFC
Wes Pickering SFFC
Cam Fisher Sooke LB *
Shaun Gurney Vic West ST/M
Michal Jurkowski Vic West RM
Josh Menzies Lakehill GK *
Joshua Rendle Gorge D *

Matt Conarroe – COACH


Division 3 All-stars – 2017/2018

Matt Cook: GK Gorge Us Guys – *
Evan Pivnick: GK Bays United FC
Jesse McCullough: D Gorge Us Guys *
Luke Allen: D Gorge Us Guys *
Steve Gateley: M Gorge Us Guys *
Brendan Andrews: F Gorge Us Guys *
Evan Smith: D Gorge FC *
Brendan Liudzuis: M Gorge FC
Keith Barr: M Gorge FC
Braden O’Neill: M Bays United FC
Tyler Ostapovich: M Castaways *
Simon Brazier: F Vic West
Josh Silva: D Vic West
Elliot Mitrou: F Hellas
Yanni Mavrikos: F Hellas *
Devon Lepine: M Sagres
Daryl Kobe: D Sagres *
Jake Kenmuir: F Powell River *
Nick Van Schipp: M Powell River *

Head Coach: Geoff Pakos & Assistant Coach: Ross Mackie



U-21 Allstars – 2017/2018

Def* Alex Ray Vic West
Mid Michael Brown Vic West
Mid Andres Marquez Vic West
Strk* Ydrisa Da Silva Prospect Lake
Mid* John Cole u Prospect Lake
Mid Julian Dosanj Prospect Lake
Mid* Josh Soberg JuandeFuca
Strk* Michael Henman Lakehill
Mid Michael Veenema Lakehill
Mid Jordan Atwal Lakehill
Mid* Juan Rubiano Mariners
Def* Matthew Coburn Mariners
Def* Thompson Nelson Mariners
GK* Evan Carr Mariners
Mid Logan Kits Cowichan
Mid Addison Kits Cowichan
Mid Michael Fusick Cowichan
Def* Ryan Basi Bays United
Mid* Otniel Ionce Bays United

Bill Merriman Coach
Craig Glennie Coach


Div 4 All-stars 2017/2018

Tyler Zawacki Gorge FC 4B GK
*Peter Cameron Fernwood United FC 4B DMF
*Tyler Leach Bays United FC 4A MF
*Sameer Girn Bays United FC 4A CB/MF
Mitch Wilson Bays United FC 4A MF
*Evan Maynard SFFC Squadron 4B CB
Dwayne Daly Penelakut United 4B MF
*Daniel Mercer SPL FC 4A GK
ConradNewell SPL FC 4A DMF
*Ayden Ostropolski Sooke United 4A AM/FW
*Sam Glowicki Lakehill Hooligans 4B DMF
*Kevin van Welter Prospect Lake Lakers 4B AM/FW
Faith Sorungbe Nanaimo FC 4B FW
*Noah Ackinclose Prospect Lake Lakers 4A CB
*Kaelan Smith Peninsula FC 4B CM/Wing
Julian Smith Peninsula FC 4B FW
Rob Willie Castaways Invicta 4A CM
*Dave Street Castaways Invicta 4A CB

Graham Gillis COACH
Dave Searle COACH



Hope to see you at the field, supporting local community players and local soccer.

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