New Indoor Soccer League in North Vancouver

– Submitted by Urban Soccer Centre

We just opened a new 5-a-side indoor league! Games will be on Friday nights at Urban Soccer Centre in North Vancouver. Playing time will be 2×25 minutes with a indoor/futsal ball. System is 4+1, arbitrarily substitution.

Location – Urban Soccer Centre (North Van)
Price – $1400 + tax
Start date – Jan 31 or Feb 7
# of teams – 4-6
# of matches – 12 + play off (1-2 matches)
Day – Friday
Times – 8-9, 9-10 (10-11 if 6 teams register)

With regards to registration, we will have the teams Capitan reserve the league spot by signing up for league membership. That person’s card will be charged a deposit of $200 to reserve the team spot. If the league does not go forward the $200 will be refunded. If the league goes active the team will get charged in equal payments per month/week during the time the league runs.

The league reserves the right to charge the team $75 (will be determined later) if they fail to show up for a league game. The team that has shown up receives the $75 and also get’s to use the pitch during that game slot for an inter-squad match.

Click here to register your team.

We will be happy to see you all guys! Cheers!
– Jan Machala

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