Marine Harvest Riptide Present EVN International Exchange Soccer Program

-submitted by Shel Brodsgaard

We are pleased to present the opportunity for players and parents interested in learning more about the international student exchange program offered for soccer players from EVN located in Nyborg, Denmark.

“Football is for those who love football and who are used to playing and training seriously. Your schedule will include training every day and games in various tournaments and we also train all year long on our own new football field. In May our girls will represent Denmark at the World Championships for schools in Prague, this is the second time EVN is representing Denmark.

If you choose the football team, it requires that you take your sport seriously. In return you will get plenty of guidance from our expert coaches so you will constantly develop your skills. We go two weeks to Florida, where we play a lot of football against local teams. And the students live with private host families, so in addition to the games and all the other experiences the journey is also a good opportunity to get an insight into a different culture and lifestyle.”

Kim Oome from the EVN Soccer Program will be joined by a representative from the local school district International Student Exchange Program to explain this opportunity to any and all who are interested. To date, the Marine Harvest Riptide have had many players travel to Denmark and thoroughly enjoy the experience:


  • Cameron Curts
  • Danielle Robertson
  • Hailey Smith
  • Liam Creek
  • Eli Noonan
  • Kaleigh Harris
  • Cameron Kearns
  • Georgia Walkus (currently enrolled)


Please join us Sunday, February 25th, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the Denman and Hornby Meeting Rooms at the Old House Village and Spa Resort for the presentation. Importantly, this event is open to any and all soccer families on Vancouver Island who might be interested. Further information on the program is located at

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