KYSA Set For Fall Mini-Season

-submitted by KYSA

KAMLOOPS, BC –– The Kamloops Youth Soccer Association’s (KYSA’s) one-hundred-seventy small-sided teams will resume play starting Labour Day (September 05) and will play through the month of September, culminating in the Chopped Leaf-sponsored Fall Season Wind–Up Jamboree on the September 24/25 weekend.

The KYSA’s U5 to U12 boys and girls teams played in the association’s Spring/Summer leagues from mid-April through to the end of June. The teams in these age groups traditionally take July and August off and regroup in late August to get ready for the Fall Season.

It is now customary that BC Soccer-member associations do not keep scores in small-sided soccer (less than 11v11 on the field) or play for silverware. The KYSA’s parent body decreed several years ago that these divisions would be considered non-competitive, stressing player development over winning medals and trophies.

“While the matches can still be spirited and intensive, not keeping score has helped eliminate win-at-all-cost attitudes and the pressures that coaches and players can succumb to,” says KYSA Executive Director, Keith Liddiard. “A good example is encouraging coaches to give equal playing time to all their squad rather than playing the better players much of the time.

“Furthermore, with the absence of scorekeeping and standings, it is felt that coaches will refrain from badgering or criticizing referees––many of whom are young teenagers who are learning their role in the game. In the past, many young referees have left the game at too early an age because of abuse from coaches and inappropriate adult behaviour.”

Adds Liddiard: “Inroads are being made toward negating much of the concern that was apparent in the younger divisions in years past. Combined with a drive to get all parent-volunteer coaches qualified at a level that matches the age group they are coaching, mini-soccer has become a much better vehicle for the development of players and aspiring referees!”

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