Erin McLeod: It’s time to Motivate a Nation!

It’s time to Motivate a Nation!

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (July 1, 2016) — After building a successful e-commerce ( and a physical retail store in West Vancouver (CAPOSHIE) Womens National Team Goalkeeper Erin McLeod has decided after a series of misfortunate events it’s time to branch out on her own with her new inspiration project, Motive Nation, launching to the public on July 1st, online at

McLeod, Olympic Bronze medalist in London 2012, recently underwent her third ACL operation after helping her team qualify for the RIO 2016 Olympics. Missing one of the biggest opportunities in her career, there were many questions and discussions whether she would continue playing. McLeod had spoken with Adelle Renaud about potentially releasing a line of her own once she found something she was passionate about.

Following her injury, she started getting an influx of emails from friends, family, teammates, former teammates, and even people she had never met. Most of them were personal stories about overcoming obstacles, experiencing defeat, making mistakes, having courage and determination, and finding ones inspiration. McLeod knew immediately this not only would help her recovery and return to play, but it was something she wanted to share with the world.

When I got hurt again it made me realize that motivation and belief are essential to success. I wanted to create something more than just a t-shirt and clothing, I wanted to make something that aligns with who I am and resonates with as many people as possible. Before the 2012 London Olympics my teammates and I made a promise to one another to rise to the games, to each other, to our own performances too and it was one of the most inspirational moments of my life without even stepping onto that field. Although this time things are different, once again I am making that same promise to rise from my situation but also to do my best to inspire others as well as learn from everyone around me.

Motive Nation is a simple concept; it is a brand that aims to motivate. Through live interviews and questionnaires, Erin finds inspirational people and words they live by. Those words are artistically put on a t-shirt that sell online for $29 – $39 Canadian dollars plus tax. In addition, 10% of every profit made goes back to those inspirational people or a charity of their choice, and 10% goes to one of my favourite charities Canada Scores.

From Olympians, to CEOs, soldiers, musicians, hard-working parents, authors, documentary film makers, World Champions, and many more, Motive Nation is a movement where people share their inspiration to get the most out of themselves and one another.

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