BC Soccer Web Special Series: Concussions in Soccer

Welcome to the first of our new “Special Series” section on issues impacting BC Youth Soccer and sport. In this series, BC Soccer Web will explore the current concerns over concussions in sport. The threat of Sport Concussions poses a real risk to the future of youth & recreational sports in North America and beyond. How sport organizations deal with treatment and prevention issues could have a wide ranging effect on participation numbers in youth sports. In this series, BC Soccer Web will present some of the best resources and recent articles addressing this important concern.

Rowan’s Law: Ontario proposes concussion rules for youth sports CBC
Ontario is on track introduce the first concussion legislation in Canada for young athletes in the wake of a teenage rugby player’s death. Rowan’s Law, proposed legislation discussed today at a news conference at Queen’s Park, honours a young rugby player who died following a game. Currently, Rowan’s Law has the support of members of the legislature from each party and is expected to be voted on in early December.

Rowan Stringer ignored concussion symptoms days before deathCBC
Rowan Stringer ignored several concussion symptoms before she suffered a major head injury that would later end her life, according to texts the Ottawa teen sent a friend.

Head Shots: How one family dealt with a ‘very mild’ concussion that felt anything but mild for their young sonNational Post
Concussions, according to official medical nomenclature, are “mild traumatic brain injuries.”“But there’s nothing mild about them,” says Dr. David L. Brody, associate professor of neurology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. “We really object to this term. It does a disservice. It’s not accurate.”

Concussion – keeping your head in the game Roland Fletcher
A diagnosis of concussion (or mild traumatic brain injury) is often made once a Physician or other appropriately trained health care provider rules out any other serious or severe head injury.  In a concussion, part of the injury is due to a metabolic change (energy deficiency).  Scans such as MRI’s and CT’s may be normal.

Head Shots: Concussion policy needed to protect kids who play sports — and those who are afraid toVancouver Sun
“We need to do something about concussions before fear destroys sport participation in kids,” he says. “Only a minority of kids will be excited about golf or swimming laps in the pool. They want to play on sports teams; they want to compete against other kids. We want kids to be active instead of gaming or getting fat. It’s so important for their health, so they don’t develop chronic disease.” – Dr. Pierre Fremont, chair of the Canadian Concussion Collaborative

Concussion Resources:

Making Head Way Concussion eLearning SeriesCoaching Association of Canada (Note: Requires Free Registration)
Designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of your athletes, these NCCP Professional Development modules will make you concussion smart!

Think First! Playing Smart Soccer (.PDF)Parachute / Think First Canada
Built in conjunction with the Canadian Soccer Association, the ThinkFirst Safe Soccer Program is an excellent resource to provide to patients, parents, teachers and community coaches. The complete program can be downloaded from the ThinkFirst website, along with information on concussion, as well as player, parent and coach handouts.

BC Soccer Association Concussion Policy (PDF)BCSA
All BCSA Members shall have a Concussion Management Plan for registered players and their families.

Boston Children’s HospitalSports Medicine Division Sports Concussion Clinic
Boston Children’s Hospital’s Sports Concussion Clinic started in 2007, and has since been treating patients older than 8 who have concussive brain injuries.

CONCUSSION: A Must Read for Young Athletes (PDF) U.S. Center for Disease Control
A very good PDF handout for youth athletes to help them recognize the symptoms of a concussion and encourage them not to hide their injuries.

Example of Concussion Reporting & Protocol from U.S. Youth Soccer (PDF)Mass. Youth Soccer
A customizable form notifying parents of a possible concussion incident involving their child.

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